Github’s Top Coding Languages Show Open Source Has Won

Tariq Hook Blog


Think of it as a map of the rapidly changing world of computer software.

On Wednesday, Github published a graph tracking the popularity of various programming languages on its eponymous internet service, a tool that lets anyone store, edit, and collaborate on software code. In recent years, has become the primary means of housing open source software—code that’s freely available to the world at large; an increasing number of businesses are using the service for private code, as well. A look at how the languages that predominate on Github have changed over time is a look at how the software game is evolving.

Open source is now mainstream. And the mainstream is now open source.

In particular, the graph reveals just how much open source has grown in recent years. It shows that even technologies that grew up in the years before the recent open source boom are thriving in this new world order—that open source has spread well beyond the tools and the companies typically associated with the movement. Providing a quicker, cheaper, and more comprehensive way of building software, open source is now mainstream. And the mainstream is now open source.

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