Welcome CodeNewbie Listener

As you’ve probably noticed, software runs the world. From your mobile devices to your TV screen, from your car to your coffee machine, software is all around us, and behind all of it is good, clean, code. Over the past few years the limits to what technology can do for us on an everyday basis has expanded, and with that has come a tremendous need for talented software developers to write the backbone of all of these technologies. This presents you with an incredible opportunity to take advantage of the huge demand for software developers.

Governor of Delaware Jack Markell recently remarked:

“…many of our employers have told me that they can’t find enough qualified IT workers and must resort to hiring them away from each other. We need a new pipeline of Delawareans trained to do these jobs.” 

This is where Zip Code Wilmington comes into play. We launched our coding boot camp for this exact reason; there is a demand in the area for skilled, hard working software developers. We shaped our curriculum based on what employers were telling us. Zip Code Wilmington’s mission is to help put skilled students like you in those indispensable positions so that we can take the first step towards changing the world. Let us help you get started.