Creating a Codecademy Account and Submitting Your Username

All Zip Code applicants are required to create a Codecademy account and complete the Codecademy JavaScript course in full. Below you’ll find helpful information about getting set up with Codecademy.

Why Codecademy?

Codecademy is a free beginner-friendly collection of browser-based coding tutorials. It’s simple, easy-to-use, and will help you start writing your own code in minutes.

Which Codecademy class should I do?

There are many tutorials available on Codecademy. For the purpose of applying to Zip Code Wilmington, we want you to focus on Codecademy’s JavaScript course. You can find the course at this link:

During the application process, you’ll encounter multiple coding challenges, all of which will be based on the material covered in Codecademy. We want all Zip Code applicants to be as successful as possible, therefore completion of Codecademy’s JavaScript course is mandatory for each applicant, even if you have previous coding experience. Completion of the Codecademy course does not guarantee you admission into Zip Code.

How to Create a Codecademy Account

Visit to create an account. Select one of the buttons outlined in red in order to create an account.

Creating a Codecademy Account

Submitting your Codecademy Username

All applicants are required to submit their Codecademy username on their Zip Code application. Submitting your username verifies that you’ve created an account and allows us to track your progress through the Codecademy course.

How to Find your Codecademy Username

Depending on the method you used to create a Codecademy account, you may or may not have indicated your preferred username. In order to find your correct username, first log in to your account. Once logged in, click the circular avatar (outlined in red) at the upper right-hand corner of the screen. On click, a drop down box will appear. Select “My Account” from the available options (outlined in red).

Codecademy Finding Username

Once you are in the My Account section of Codecademy, you can find your correct username located within the “Username (required)” box (outlined in red). Copy and paste the information from that box and place it in the required field on our application.

My Account

Accepting our Codecademy Request

Once we receive your Codecademy information, we’ll add you to our Codecademy class in order to monitor and track your progress. Once we add you, you’ll receive a request like the one seen below. Click accept (outlined in red) in order to accept the request.

Codecademy Request

You must accept our request in order to be evaluated for Zip Code. If you fail to receive a request, we may not have received your Codecademy information or your username may have been entered incorrectly. You should notify Sam at in the event that you do not receive a request within 5 days of submitting your Codecademy information.

Which devices can I complete the tutorial on?

The tutorial must be completed on a desktop or laptop device. You will not be able to use Codecademy on your phone or tablet.

Questions about Codecademy

If you have any questions about creating an account and submitting your username, please contact Sam Hanna at Zip Code Wilmington is unable to answer any questions related to the content of the Codecademy class.

In the event you get stuck during the course, consider consulting Codecademy’s user forum, The New Boston’s JavaScript Course or Google for help and clarification. Using google to find a solution when you’re stuck in not cheating, and we encourage you to use internet resources when you encounter blocks!