Resources for Learning to Code

Resources for Learning How to Code

Online Tutorials

Codecademy JavaScript

Codecademy is a collection of easy to understand tutorials on a variety of coding languages, including Java, JavaScript, Python and more.  Start coding right away using their browser-based code editor while collecting badges and advancing yoru knowledge.

The New Boston

The New Boston is a great resource for human instruction that is clear, concise and even a bit funny. We recommend viewing the New Boston’s JavaScript videos to clarify any concepts you’re struggling with in Codecademy.

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is a top rated JavaScript textbook available online in-full. Eloquent JavaScript dives deep into the JavaScript language to show you how to write beautiful, effective code

Free Code Camp

Free Code Camp an open-source community of adults learning to code. Join to gain access to nearly an unlimited supply of free tutorials on front-end development, data visualization, and back end development.

Coding Meetups


We are a community of beginner and professional software developers dedicated to improving our craft, learning, teaching, and growing the development community in Wilmington. Veterans, newbies and those exploring a career in software engineering are welcome.

Open Data Delaware

Open Data Delaware group of people interested in exploring how we can interact with data to make positive change for local Delaware communities. It doesn’t matter how much experience you have, all you need is a willingness to learn and a desire to help your community. We’ll meet regularly to work on projects and build community together.

Girl Develop It Wilmington

Girl Develop It is a nonprofit organization that exists to provide affordable and accessible programs to women (18+) who want to learn software and web development through in-person, hands-on instruction.

Delaware Tech Meetup

Delaware Tech Meetup is a monthly gathering where companies at any stage can demo new ideas, passionate thinkers and doers lead discussions about various technology related topics, and people connect to move ideas forward.

Alternative Training Programs

Delaware Tech’s Java Program

This comprehensive course introduces software engineering using the JAVA programming language with object-oriented programming principles. Learn to write basic Java programming by translating word problem statements into functioning Java programs, perform specific SQL actions on a MySQL database and write Java programs using the JavaFX package to implement graphical use interface (GUI) features.