Student sitting on couchAt Zip Code Wilmington, we work hard to ensure that all of our students have the opportunity to get the education they need to advance their careers.

To that end, scholarships are available to those who qualify.

Our scholarships are predicated on two things: your willingness to enter our apprenticeship program for 26 weeks, and your need.

Students who hired into our apprenticeship program pay just $3,000 up front. The apprenticeship, pays off the rest.  You are paid during the apprenticeship as well.

Need-based scholarships are available through Tech Impact to cover the $3,000 cost, for those who qualify.

If you would rather pay the full fee*, and keep your commitment to only 12 weeks, you can do that too.  We’re flexible so you can get the education you need.

*Please see full cost schedule.

**Financing is available from a third party lender.

Full Cost

The full cost of the twelve (12) week training is $12,000.

That full cost can be covered in three ways:

1) By completing our 26 week apprenticeship program.

2) By paying it directly.

3) By financing it through one of our lending partners.

Please indicate which options you are interested in when you apply.

Initiation Fee + Apprentice Scholarship

Apprenticeships are available for selected individuals.  Please indicate if you would like to pursue an apprenticeship when you apply.

At the end of the classroom program our corporate partners interview and select grads for a 26 week apprenticeship program. The apprenticeship requires an additional 26 week commitment.

Apprentice scholars pay $3,000 up-front.  If you complete the full 26 weeks, you owe nothing more for your education and have valuable work experience on your resume.  If you leave early the remaining $9,000 fee is pro-rated and due back.

Need-Based Scholarship + Apprentice Scholarship

If you can prove your need, need-based scholarships are available for a select number of candidates.  In that case, we will match you with a scholarship from Tech Impact to cover the $3,000 up-front fee for the program.

In order to qualify for a need-based scholarship, you would have had to have earned less than $24,000 last year (if you’re an independent).  If you are a dependent, and part of a family, other guidelines apply.  Need-based scholarships are limited. Call us for more information.

If you’re just short on cash, and $3,000 is too much, financing options are available.

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