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Alumni Spotlight: Latasha Watson

MERGING A LOVE OF ART AND DESIGN WITH A PASSION FOR CODING In April, Latasha Watson joined the Bank of America team as an Applications Programmer – a job offer that came in just weeks after completing the 12-week immersive bootcamp, Zip Code Wilmington. She says those three months changed her and her daughter’s life for the better. In her new role, Watson writes code to generate web pages, accesses databases and business logic servers, modifies and debugs software for web sites, just to name a...

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Which Language Are You Speaking: Java

For newbies to the tech industry, it can seem as if coders speak a different language. In fact, they do. There are more than 600 notable coding languages to choose for projects – and more to be added in our fast-paced digital world. Although the list of programming languages continues to grow, there are a few popular coding languages that power nearly every digital device you own and website you visit. Java, Python, C, C++, JavaScript, C#, Ruby, PHP, and Objective-C are among the most popular...

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“We’ve All Dedicated Ourselves to Tech and Learning”

Delaware native Leon Hunter is an instructor at Zip Code Wilmington. He’s served in this role since April, but his history with the school goes back further. A friend of his attended the bootcamp and was struggling with an assignment. The friend reached out to Leon, a professional software developer, for help. Leon was glad to assist. What Leon remembered most from that experience, however, was the feeling inside Zip Code Wilmington. Leon recalls, “I really liked the environment. Even though my...

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