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A New Place to Call Home

Creative energy floods the hallways. It’s located in the heart of downtown Wilmington. And it’s Zip Code Wilmington’s new home.  Zip Code Wilmington is now located on the fourth floor of the Nemours Building (1007 N Orange St, Wilmington, DE 19801), in of one of the city’s most popular startups, The Mill. Although our physical move was just one city block, in the process we’ve added more than 1,000 square feet of workspace and joined a community of innovators. The Mill is a co-working space...

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The Tech Industry Needs More Latino Developers

In honor of Hispanic Heritage month, Zip Code Wilmington is exploring the need for Latino developers in the growing tech industry. No one can deny the last decade’s tech boom. But as the number of tech jobs increases, those who are filling the positions have not been representative of the world we live in. The tech space has primarily been occupied by white males. In 2014, news headlines called out Apple for its 70% male and more than 50% white workforce. This lack of diversity is not exclusive...

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Alumni Spotlight: Albert Collazo

Before Zip Code Wilmington, Albert Collazo’s work experience included being a Non-Destructive Testing Technician in the oil and energy industry and an Intel Analyst for the U.S. Army. Both jobs paid the bills but neither were fulfilling, according to Collazo. Collazo is a creative at heart. In 2004, after high school, he attended Delaware College of Art and Design to study animation. But that didn’t work out as planned. “I didn’t come from a wealthy or even middle-class family,” Collazo...

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