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Getting a second chance at success

The world of code is almost limitless. Learning to manipulate the lines, characters, ones and zeroes that make up scripting languages can unlock doors to vast horizons, qualifying you for a career you love (and that pays well). Sometimes, however, you need a little help preparing for that career. At Zip Code, our mission is to create a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that helps our graduates change their income potential for life, and impact the local economy by increasing the region's...

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JPMorgan Chase and Zip Code Wilmington: Together from the Beginning

This interview was conducted with Wendy Duckrey, Delaware Hub Recruiting Lead at JPMorgan Chase by Erica Freedman, Content Marketing and Client Service Specialist at SwitchUp. JPMorgan Chase regularly hires graduates from Zip Code Wilmington in Wilmington, Delaware.  Since inception, JPMorgan Chase has partnered with Zip Code Wilmington to hire graduates into software engineering roles.  The students that graduate from the Zip Code program have served as strong employees at JPMorgan Chase,...

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Empowering the Next Generation with Coding

Learn five ways that coding will help empower the next generation to innovate, analyze and communicate. It’s safe to say that the next generation is tech-savvy, but empowering them in code is the next step to success. When recent 2017 Zip Code Wilmington graduate, Latasha Watson shared her story on the impact of learning code it included an unexpected twist. Not only was Latasha able to start a new career and make better money to support her family, but she was also able to introduce her...

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