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Which Language Are You Speaking: JavaScript

Zip Code Wilmington has added JavaScript to its fall teaching schedule as part of the back end programming track. Get ready to arm yourself with a useful, new coding language. Don’t be fooled. Even though JavaScript (JS) has Java in its name, the languages are different. JavaScript is a web-based language used to build interactive websites, while Java is a programming language that most refer to as “the basics.” JavaScript was developed by Brendan Eich of Netscape Communications in 1995....

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Meet Dolio Durant

Zip Code Wilmington is growing in more ways than one – a bigger and better space, more classes and even new instructors. Enter Dolio Durant.  Durant joined the Zip Code crew in August as a technical instructor. He is an expert software engineer with more than 18 years' experience, an avid world traveler, part-time rock star, and automotive enthusiast turned instructor. Let’s have a little Q&A session with Durant, to learn more about him, his interests and what he plans to bring to Zip Code...

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Calling all Innovators!

The third annual Delaware Innovation Week will take place November 3 to November 11. Are you ready? Delaware is small but mighty, which is evident as the state advances its position at the forefront of tech and entrepreneurial activity. A perfect example is Delaware Innovation Week – a culminating week of events showcasing the state’s burgeoning innovation community through workshops, networking and demonstrations.  This year’s DIW17 will include 30 open-calendar events celebrating technology...

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