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Infographic: Is A Coding Bootcamp Right For You?



With the amount of attention (albeit warranted) placed on the world of software development, it's no wonder people are looking for ways to access the industry. The prevailing, and wholly incorrect, view of the current state of the industry is that it is relegated to the young, the un-established professional.

The icons of the industry like Mark Zuckerberg with Facebook and James Gosling with Java are revered for their accomplishments.

But the truth is, the opportunity to create something equally as remarkable and transformational is equally as accessible with the advent of the coding bootcamp. Through an intensive bootcamp, just like the one where at Zip Code Wilmington in 9-12 weeks you will be armed with the necessary skills required to not only enter the field, but to excel.

Study the infographic above to see if a coding bootcamp is right for you.

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