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How to Survive and Succeed at a Software Development Boot Camp

  Lots of people have questions about what it takes to succeed at a software development boot camp like Zip Code Wilmington. Below is advice from Zip Code instructors, alumni, and current students (edited for clarity). Words of wisdom from Zip Code Instructor David Ginzberg: Boot camps are not casual affairs. It’s just as important to ensure that you are mentally prepared to attend as it is to make sure those who you care about know what to expect. You will be dedicating almost every waking...

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ZCW – Changing the World…One Developer at a Time

As you’ve probably noticed, software runs the world. From your mobile devices to your TV screen, from your car to your coffee machine, software is all around us, and behind all of it is good, clean, code. Over the past few years the limits to what technology can do for us on an everyday basis has expanded, and with that has come a tremendous need for talented software developers to write the backbone of all of these technologies. Learning a programming language has become just as important, if...

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The 10 Best Programming Languages To Know For 2016

The technology world is increasing rapidly with every passing year and months as they’re springing up with new trendier smartphones, tablets, and other devices every day. And competition is heated within the market to develop the best. That’s why programmers and internet developers are in tremendous demand these days. This results in the need for current information of programming languages. Many programming languages are offered, and every one of them has distinct functions. When you are...

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10 signs a career in coding and software development might be right for you

In recent tests to assess the knowledge and skills of 15-year-olds from across the world, the UK ranked 26th for maths and 20th for science, down overall from 28th and 16th respectively in 2009. For a view of young people's potential in computer programming careers, however, such tests don't necessarily tell the full story. Employers look for other personal attributes and skills, beyond academic credentials, when assessing candidates' suitability, for instancecreativity, a collaborative...

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Open data in Wilmington has been a hot topic this month

As we noted in November, there’s an open data movement afoot in Delaware. In just a month, the campaign for more transparency has grown even stronger: the Wilmington Office for Economic Development, City Council and the Open Data Delaware Meetup have all begun pushing the movement forward. The director of Wilmington’s Economic Development office, Jeff Flynn, said the office purchased the domain opendatawilmington.com the other week. “Wilmington is ready for open data,” he said. So far, the site...

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Codecademy Adds Java For Beginners

This article appeared originally on I PROGRAMMER Codecademy the online interactive platform that offers free coding classes has added a Java course to its portfolio. Java is the language that continues to come top in all the popularity polls as pointed out in Codeacedemy's announcement of its new course: Java is one of the most popular programming languages in the world, serving as the basis for Android development in addition to web content development, and it has long been our top user...

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Week 7: Statements with Java (Part 2)

Last week you were introduced to statements in Java. A simple statement performs an action - a definite clear expression of something. Next, you learned about compound statements, which are combinations of simple statements surrounded by curly braces as shown: { ; ; ; } We rounded off the post with control statements - statements that play a role in how and when other statements are executed. You only discussed two types of control statements, if/if-else/if-else-if statements and switches. This...

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Beginners are Welcome

When interviewing new candidates, I’m often asked if previous coding experience is required. The emphatic answer is no. Beginners are welcome, and encouraged, at Zip Code. Here’s why: We need beginners to join the field The software engineering industry needs you. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that by 2020 there will be 1 million more computer science-related job openings in the United States than college graduates qualified to fill them. In order to bridge this gap, we need beginner...

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