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Programming Languages that are in demand in the Financial Sector

To start my blog post, I would like to state that Programming knowledge and skills do have a say in the bustling world of finance. And with the way the finance industry shifts to becoming more automated and technologically inclined these days, programmers and developers in the finance sector are certainly of high demand. For example, top financial institutions like Morgan Stanley and Credit Suisse have adopted Scala programming language for many of its features including currying, type...

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Open data in Wilmington has been a hot topic this month

As we noted in November, there’s an open data movement afoot in Delaware. In just a month, the campaign for more transparency has grown even stronger: the Wilmington Office for Economic Development, City Council and the Open Data Delaware Meetup have all begun pushing the movement forward. The director of Wilmington’s Economic Development office, Jeff Flynn, said the office purchased the domain opendatawilmington.com the other week. “Wilmington is ready for open data,” he said. So far, the site...

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Week 3: Inheritance & Polymorphism

Last week the students at Zip Code Wilmington were introduced to Java. From that point on they have been going full speed. Although they may feel a bit too overwhelmed to realize it, what they have accomplished in the span of a week is incredible. Our last blog post talked about creating Java objects, their properties, their methods and utilizing finally utilizing them. Although the zipcoders have long moved on from that point, we will continue to take this blog in linear motion for at least...

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Week 2: Intro to Object Oriented Programming and Memory Usage

This was a special week for the zipcoders. Why? This week, they were formally introduced to the main focus of the course: Java. No, I’m not referring to coffee. Rather, the programming language named after coffee. Java is one of the most important languages in the world. It is also widely used in schools across the world as an introductory language to programming in general; learning Java enables programmers with the ability to easily adapt to other languages in the future. Today, Java is the...

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Week 1 Round-up: Getting started with Git

The first week at Zip Code has been as exciting as it has challenging. When students were confronted with the rigorous coursework, limits were tested and confidence was shaken. It is very important that students realize that building great software is not a one-man effort. At Zip Code, we encourage a community where students are responsible for their fellow classmates’ progress. To promote community, and collaboration we got them started in Git during the first week. Git Git is a version...

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