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3 Books Every Developer Needs To Read

There are a lot of developers in the world, though no two are the same. Each person—young or old— has followed a different path in their life to get to where they are, and the world of software developers is no different. Some earn their roles by going to traditional four year colleges to earn computer science degrees, or they earn an english degree. Some are self-taught, holing themselves in their rooms for hours tinkering with the most basic code, or building the most basic program. While...

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Best Programming Languages For Job Demand and Salaries, 2015

This article is courtesy of Craig Buckler over at sitepoint. The last time we looked at the best programming languages to learn in 2015, JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python appeared good options when you analyze popularity on sites such as GitHub and StackOverflow. Alternatively, perhaps we can determine the “best” technologies to learn from job-related metrics such as demand and salaries? Career planning company Gooroo examines more than 500,000 IT vacancies throughout the US, UK and Australia to...

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The Power of Play; Win a game, land a job?

As head of Uber’s hiring growth team, Bob Cowherd is always seeking innovative ways to recruit engineers. The hitch with traditional hiring — resume, phone interview, in-person interviews, in-house tests — is that “only very far into the interviewing process do you see how talented the candidate is,” he said. So he was intrigued by San Francisco startup CodeFights, which crafts programming challenges for online competitions. Uber worked with CodeFights to develop a timed, competitive coding...

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Week 7: Statements with Java (Part 2)

Last week you were introduced to statements in Java. A simple statement performs an action - a definite clear expression of something. Next, you learned about compound statements, which are combinations of simple statements surrounded by curly braces as shown: { ; ; ; } We rounded off the post with control statements - statements that play a role in how and when other statements are executed. You only discussed two types of control statements, if/if-else/if-else-if statements and switches. This...

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Week 6: Statements with Java (Part one)

If you look up the definition of the word “statement" you will get something along the lines of a definite or clear expression of something That’s precisely what a statement is in Java. A simple statement looks like the following: int number = 5 + 6; Simple statements perform an action. In the above, the variable, number, is created with type int and is set to the summation of 5 and 6. Finally, the statement is terminated with a semicolon (;). In English, the semicolon is used to separate items...

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