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Creating a successful apprenticeship model

President Obama declared last week National Apprenticeship Week, a full week celebrating how apprenticeships foster innovation and prosperity. Apprenticeships are a core component of the Zip Code Wilmington bootcamp. Through the Zip Code apprenticeship, we create opportunities for individuals to enter the software engineering field without previous professional experience while changing the way that employers find quality talent. Our employment partners are taking notice. Last Thursday, guests...

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The Training You Need Today, For The Jobs Of Tomorrow

Everything has a beginning. All of the world’s greatest athletes, artists, leaders, and musicians were all novices at one time. But the common thread that runs throughout their professional lives is they all received the right training to be successful. All the best athletes had coaches throughout their time playing, and every great musician was first taught to play their instrument. At Zip Code Wilmington, we may not be teaching you how to hit a home run or play the violin, but what we are...

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Learn the Skills That Companies Need

Our goal is to place our students into entry level apprenticeships at our partner organizations and, ultimately, prepare them for professional careers as software engineers. In order to achieve this goal, we have to teach the skills that employers are actually seeking. At Zip Code, our curriculum is designed by employers. Our Steering Committee, comprised of members from our partner organizations, directly influences what we teach. Our Steering Committee includes Pete Steiner of Bank of...

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What it takes to be a coder. Insight from Zip Code Wilmington's first cohort.

We're often asked what it takes to be a coder. After getting to know our diverse set of admitted students, I think I finally have the answer. Our admitted students come from varied backgrounds. Our current cohort is filled with former teachers, financial analysts, a carpenter, an art school grad, a professional poker player, a political campaign consultant, several MBA graduates and more. Each student has varying degrees of logic, math and design skills. However, there's one attribute that all...

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