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According to Recent Research, Java Developers Pocket the Most

This article is courtesy of CRN, and was written by Jack Gilbert. Java is the programming language with the highest average salary, according to Emolument report Java is the programming language with the highest average wage for UK developers, according to a report from salary benchmarking site Emolument. The report, which surveyed 1,500 developers in eight countries including the UK, Germany and the US, found that Java developers earn the most, with the average salary per developer in the UK...

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Week 6: Statements with Java (Part one)

If you look up the definition of the word “statement" you will get something along the lines of a definite or clear expression of something That’s precisely what a statement is in Java. A simple statement looks like the following: int number = 5 + 6; Simple statements perform an action. In the above, the variable, number, is created with type int and is set to the summation of 5 and 6. Finally, the statement is terminated with a semicolon (;). In English, the semicolon is used to separate items...

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What it takes to be a coder. Insight from Zip Code Wilmington's first cohort.

We're often asked what it takes to be a coder. After getting to know our diverse set of admitted students, I think I finally have the answer. Our admitted students come from varied backgrounds. Our current cohort is filled with former teachers, financial analysts, a carpenter, an art school grad, a professional poker player, a political campaign consultant, several MBA graduates and more. Each student has varying degrees of logic, math and design skills. However, there's one attribute that all...

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