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Infographic: Which Programming Language Is More Productive?

Productivity apps, discussions and websites have taken the Internet by storm. More people are thinking about their productivity than any other time in history. In fact, most people are thinking about their productivity in terms of their profession. The first reason being most people spend a considerable amount of time at their jobs; and in the corporate race, everyone's looking for ways to accelerate their development and careers. Which bring us to coding, and the question which programming...

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Infographic: Today's Top Trending Tech Jobs

  Conventional wisdom will tell you that when competition is low, and the reward is high, it's a pretty good deal. That's the current state of certain niche IT position in corporate America today. Skills are in high demand, but there's a small talent pool of people who are qualified to fill them. What's difficult to understand is why. The prevailing conversation about the job market is that it's tight, tough to find a good job, and especially one in the fast moving, highly competitive world of...

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The 3 Best Second Careers Available Today

Changing careers is a difficult decision. But today, the average tenure of the contemporary employee at any one job is according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 4.6 years. That’s a lot of hopping around. However, even with all that jumped there is a lot of anxiety associated with it. The promise of greener pastures is riddled with familial considerations, uncertainties, and total unknowns. However, there are safe bets that can be made. Like the fact that tech and healthcare will continue...

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