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Military service members benefit from the new partnership between Zip Code Wilmington and Liberty USO

The Philadelphia Business Journal named Desa Burton, Assistant General Counsel for InterDigital, a 2017 “Veteran of Influence.” The honor was fitting for Burton, but also reflects an accomplishment that will assist many other veterans in the tri-state area. Burton is leading a new initiative conceived and sponsored by mobile technology innovation pioneer, InterDigital, along with JoAnne Schultze and Launia Terry from Liberty USO, which is focused on STEM education for transitioning military...

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Why Programming Software Is The Ideal Second Career

We’ve all had the thought. “What if I changed careers? I bet I could do that job well. There’s a lot of demand for the job, if I got the right training, I could excel in that field.” There’s no shame in thinking about a career change. Whether it’s an attempt to change your current financial situation, spend more time with our family, or just looking for something different, second careers are becoming more common, and even a better idea. According to this article on Forbes.com, employees who...

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