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How to Survive and Succeed at a Software Development Boot Camp

  Lots of people have questions about what it takes to succeed at a software development boot camp like Zip Code Wilmington. Below is advice from Zip Code instructors, alumni, and current students (edited for clarity). Words of wisdom from Zip Code Instructor David Ginzberg: Boot camps are not casual affairs. It’s just as important to ensure that you are mentally prepared to attend as it is to make sure those who you care about know what to expect. You will be dedicating almost every waking...

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Gov. Markell highlights efforts to adapt Delaware's workforce to new technologies

In his latest message, Gov. Jack Markell highlighted recent efforts to train Delaware’s workforce to keep up with changing technologies. He used coding bootcamp Zip Code Wilmington as an example. Zip Code Wilmington recently achieved a hundred percent job placement for its first round of graduates. The 16 participants now have full-time IT positions in places including JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America and Capital One. In their new jobs, their salaries average $55,000. Markell noted one...

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3 Books Every Developer Needs To Read

There are a lot of developers in the world, though no two are the same. Each person—young or old— has followed a different path in their life to get to where they are, and the world of software developers is no different. Some earn their roles by going to traditional four year colleges to earn computer science degrees, or they earn an english degree. Some are self-taught, holing themselves in their rooms for hours tinkering with the most basic code, or building the most basic program. While...

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The six hottest programming languages to know in banking technology

What technology should you bone up on if you want a job in an investment bank these days? When we asked this question 18 months ago, the answer was unquestionably Java, which had more than double the number of jobs than its nearest competing programming language. Now, the answer is not so clear cut. We analysed the number of technology jobs being advertised on eFinancialCareers and matched this against the number of people professing to possess these skills on our CV database. We have also...

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Best Programming Languages For Job Demand and Salaries, 2015

This article is courtesy of Craig Buckler over at sitepoint. The last time we looked at the best programming languages to learn in 2015, JavaScript, Java, PHP and Python appeared good options when you analyze popularity on sites such as GitHub and StackOverflow. Alternatively, perhaps we can determine the “best” technologies to learn from job-related metrics such as demand and salaries? Career planning company Gooroo examines more than 500,000 IT vacancies throughout the US, UK and Australia to...

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Why Wilmington, Delaware Is The Heart Of The East Coast's Silicon Valley

Tech hubs seem to pop up in the middle of the night. When you look at the history of Silicon Valley and Austin, Texas you’ll see that the areas were building towards their dominance in the tech sector for quite some time. The problem is, there’s only a handful of major technology and innovation hubs in the United States. Delaware is positioned in what many believe could become a thriving tech corridor on the east coast, similar to Silicon Valley in California which stretches from San Francisco...

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Huge Investments Being Made into Delaware's Technology Infrastructure

JPMorgan Chase is expanding in Delaware as a few details were revealed on the company’s new site at the former AstraZeneca South Campus. Spokesman Paul Hartwick said the property is “currently being updated” with the building expected to be occupied in coming months. Hartwick says the building will serve as a technology hub for JPMorgan Chase businesses throughout the world. The modern campus, with amenities that would appeal to a technology-based workforce, went on the market when AstraZeneca...

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