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3 Tech Skills Needed To Succeed Today

Times have changed. The same skills you needed to be successful in Corporate America in the 1950’s are no longer all you need to succeed. The fast moving world of technology has changed all that. Today, if you’re looking for a new job, or are looking to advance in your current career, it’s important for you to attain the necessary skills. The truth is, if you have strong tech skills, the odds of you getting that job you’re chasing increase dramatically. And in most cases, you have a leg up in...

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4 Key Takeaways: 2015 Stack Overflow Developer Survey

Every year, the online question and answer forum stackoverflow runs a developer survey. The website boasts that almost 32 million people visit the site every month, with over 25 million of those users being return visitors. That’s credibility, and a big, fiercely loyal, following. The benefit of taking a look at the data from this survey gives individuals looking to get into coding an peek into where there’s a demand, and helps you shape your career in coding. Here's a quick overview of the...

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