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The 3 Best Second Careers Available Today

Changing careers is a difficult decision. But today, the average tenure of the contemporary employee at any one job is according the Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 4.6 years. That’s a lot of hopping around. However, even with all that jumped there is a lot of anxiety associated with it. The promise of greener pastures is riddled with familial considerations, uncertainties, and total unknowns. However, there are safe bets that can be made. Like the fact that tech and healthcare will continue...

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How The Coding Explosion Has Changed The Programmer Job Market

In the past two decades, the landscape for computer science has changed. Part of this comes from a general increase in education availability: from traditional CS degrees to online learning and coding bootcamps like ours, nearly everyone has access to learn programming if they want to. The other part stems from the technology itself. In the 1990s, coding was based around singular purposes — enterprise applications, self-contained games and custom databases for corporations. In the 2000s, the...

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