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Zip Code Wilmington is laser-focused on your career.

With help from our corporate partners, you'll be armed with the necessary skills and prepared to take on a fulfilling career in software development. Upon graduation, Zip Code Wilmington and our corporate partners help you launch your career in under a year.

Our aim is to create a one-of-a-kind learning opportunity that helps our graduates change their income potential for life, and impact the local economy by increasing the region's ability to meet the growing demand for software developers. We are so proud of all the students that have had the courage to take on and successfully complete our challenging program. Nothing makes us happier than our students achieving their goals. See for yourself why Zip Code Wilmington is unique.

Software Development Completion & Placement Rates


Enrolled students who graduated


Graduates placed in paid full-time employment within 3 months of completing the program


Graduates placed in paid full-time employment within 6 months of completing the program


Graduates placed in paid full-time employment within 12 months of completing the program

Data Engineering Completion & Placement Rates


Enrolled students who graduated


Graduates placed in paid full-time employment within 3 months of completing the program


Graduates placed in full-time employment within 6 months of completing the program


Graduates placed in full-time employment within 12 months of completing the program

*Completion and placement rates shown above represent data for students who graduated between May 2020 through May 2021. 

Average Annual Earnings of Placed Graduates


Before ZCW


After graduation

*After graduation salary shown above includes full-time, direct hire roles and apprenticeships.
Salaries were annualized for g
raduates placed in apprenticeship, contractor or intern roles and paid on an hourly basis. 

Meet Our Alumni

Curious about life as a Zip Code Wilmington student? The videos below are designed to give you you an inside look at what its like to be a Zip Coder. You’ll learn about their backgrounds, their interests, how they persevered through challenges, and ultimately, how they wound up becoming professional software developers in just 12 weeks. Take a look at their unique and inspiring stories below!

Meet Chris: Social Worker turned Software Developer

"Whatever you are coming in, I was a social worker, you will be a software developer when you leave. That’s a reality…That’s Zip Code." After 12 intense weeks at Zip Code Wilmington, Chris went from being a social worker to a software developer at a Fortune 500 company.

Meet Min: Aerospace Engineering grad turned Software Developer

“I can finally actually harness my own imagination, which I’ve never been able to do.” Min, a former aerospace engineering grad, realized that the hardware side of things just wasn’t for him and decided that his passion for learning was yet to be fulfilled. He wanted to pursue a new challenge, a career in software development, and applied to Zip Code Wilmington.

Meet Mike and Bobby: Brothers, and professional Software Developers

“Anybody can apply to Zip Code. It’s really about the attitude you take going in…” Meet brothers Mike and Bobby. Mike got a degree in Information Systems but regretted not getting into computer science. His younger brother Bobby always loved computers and technology and started studying coding on his own, but struggled to get into development without a college degree. After hearing a story about Zip Code on NPR, Mike and Bobby applied to Zip Code Wilmington. They joined Zip Code together and spent 12 intense weeks learning Java, JavaScript, and all the skills they needed to land developer jobs.

Meet Tyrell: Warehouse worker turned Software Developer

“I went from a warehouse worker, to a software developer for a Fortune 500 company. You can’t get much better than that.” Meet Tyrell. He started out, as many of our students do, stuck in a job without much opportunity, and he wanted to make a change to pursue a career. Tyrell realized that as a software developer his options would be endless and his talents would always be in demand. He took a chance, bet on himself, applied to Zip Code Wilmington, and is now a successful software developer for a Fortune 500 company. Be like Tyrell, take a chance on yourself and apply today.

Meet Marzuwq: Software Developer at Bank of America

Marzuwq is an entrepreneur at heart. Prior to joining Zip Code, he developed a strong understanding of hardware by running a freelance computer repair service. Marzuwq also managed a hip-hop/jazz fusion band call Native Arcade, where he discovered an interest in software after developing a promotional video game for one its shows. Like many technologists, Marzuwq was inspired by computer software when he was really young, but never pursued an opportunity to get into the field. After 12 weeks of learning, building and debugging at Zip Code, Marzuwq transformed that initial inspiration into a professional job as a software developer for Bank of America.

Meet Tenny: Software Developer at Marlette Funding

Tenny graduated with a degree in Psychology from Temple University and worked as an office manager in an auto finance office before joining Zip Code. Now, after 12 challenging weeks, Tenny is writing code for Marlette Funding as a professional software developer. What helped get Tenny through our rigorous program? She’s a fast learner, creative thinker, and always rises to a challenge. Passionate about seeing more minorities in the tech field, Tenny decided that, rather than waiting around to see change happen, she’d become part of the solution.

Meet Katie: Pharmacy Technician turned Software Developer

Katie studied computer and network security at Wilmington University while working as a pharmacist. When she developed a fascination with software, Katie wanted a program that could quickly and efficiently give her the skills she needed to become a developer. She found Zip Code Wilmington, and joined us as a student developer. Now, after 12 weeks of lectures, labs and code commits, Katie is a professional software developer.

Meet Joe: From Energy Auditor to Software Developer

Joe is a natural problem solver. Joe graduated with a degree in sustainability. After taking an intro level computer science class, a light switched in his brain. Joe realized he wanted to pursue software development, but it was too late to switch majors. He joined Zip Code Wilmington, and after 12 hard weeks of learning new coding concepts and sharpening his skill set, Joe is now a professional software developer.

Meet Jocelyn: From Office Manager to Software Developer

Jocelyn had minimal programming experience prior to joining Zip Code, but possessed the logic and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed as a developer. After working as a receptionist, Jocelyn wanted a new job that would challenge her and force her to learn new skills each day. She joined Zip Code Wilmington, where her grit and determination carried her through an intense 12-week coding curriculum. Jocelyn is now a professional software developer at a Fortune 500 company.

Meet Gabe: Software Developer at Chatham Financial

Gabe's father inspired him to try coding, and Gabe quickly discovered how much he enjoyed solving complex problems. He was drawn to Zip Code Wilmington's 12-week program, where he learned the skills needed to become a software developer. After collaborating with peers, building his portfolio, and interviewing with top-tier organizations, Gabe landed a job as a software developer with Chatham Financial.

If you're a motivated individual that has raw talent and a knack for problem solving, this program is designed for you.

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