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Hiring Partners

Work with us to fill your vacancies

Finding yourself frustrated and falling short on recruiting the most knowledgeable, skilled and dedicated employees? Struggling to hire qualified candidates because you’re losing them to bigger, more well-known companies? Poaching candidates from other local companies so you can fill positions you desperately need filled? Unable to find diverse, well-rounded candidates? We have a solution!

Zip Code Wilmington partners with employers just like you, to find the talent you need.

We ask that in return, our partners agree to pay a portion of the tuition for the student you hire. We keep our tuition costs to our students very low to ensure we attract the brightest, most dedicated individuals—not just those who can afford the high tuition costs of many other boot camps around the country.

Current Partners

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With between 300-400 applicants per class, and a 12% acceptance rate, we’re only accepting the cream of the crop students. Applicants spend upwards of 12 hours completing our rigorous application process. We screen candidates for their logic and reasoning skills, and their ability to work well in groups, accept feedback, learn quickly, and communicate. We spend significant time screening candidates to save you the effort.

This extensive application process ensures that our graduates are ready to hit the ground running. That means your new hires are qualified and takes the pressure off of your human resources team to scan through hundreds of resumes and conduct countless interviews.

Over 35% of our students represent racial and ethnic groups underrepresented in tech, and 23% are female, which means you’ll have access to a very diverse and highly qualified group of candidates.

Learn more about how to partner with us and start filling your vacancies with skilled, knowledgeable and talented coders today!