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Scholarships, tuition cost, and payment plans

Students pay $6,000 up front for tuition. Needs-based scholarships are available to cover the $6,000 initial cost, for those who qualify.

Students who receive and accept an offer for an apprenticeship or direct-hire job with a Zip Code Wilmington corporate partner will only owe a balance of $1,500 if (a) the corporate partner agrees to repay the remainder of the student’s tuition after (b) the student completes 26 full weeks of employment in the direct-hire job for that corporate partner. 

Students who do not receive an offer for a direct-hire job with a corporate partner, or who decline an offer from a corporate partner, are responsible for paying the remaining balance due in accordance with the Student Tuition Agreement and Promissory Note, up to a maximum balance of $7,500.

Break Into Tech Scholarship
For qualifying Delaware residents, Zip Code Wilmington offers a limited number of scholarships to cover eligible students’ upfront tuition cost, as well as a bi-weekly living stipend. Students' household income must be at or below 350% of the federal poverty line to qualify.

At the present time, scholarships/stipends are not available to those who do not meet the above criteria. We do also do not offer payment plans.

We do offer VET TEC for the Java Software Development program through the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you are admitted and have one day of GI Bill eligibility as of the first day of the program, you may be eligible for a VET TEC scholarship, which may cover the full cost of your tuition:

• 25% of tuition paid after completing one day of the program
• 25% of tuition paid after successfully completing the program
• 50% of the tuition paid once "meaningful employment" is obtained in the field within 180 days.

For additional information regarding qualifications, scholarship or tuition payment options 
email admissions@zipcodewilmington.com.